Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 Smooth the skin with a quick and simple is a desire for most of the women, but not infrequently men would want to have smooth skin. In keeping with our topic of "women" who will then review we serve is also still concerned about women's lives, this time we raised the reviews of smoothing the skin with a quick and simple.Smooth the skin with a quick and simpleThe tips below are tips recommended by most doctors facial skin to smooth skin with a quick and simple. Ways below is certainly safe for not using any chemicals. Previously let's look at the factors that cause our skin is not smooth.

1. AGESmoothness skin will change with your age, when your baby's skin is very smooth but certainly after dark your skin will definitely wrinkles, dry, and dull. This factor is not a factor that can be avoided, but we can minimize.

2. DescentThis factor may be the assurance that great if your skin is not smooth. if you have a father or mother is not smooth facial skin is possible if you are going to inherit the trait, with a note that is not smooth facial skin is caused by internal factors (acne, etc) instead of external factors (accidents, etc.)

3. HYGIENE SKINIt is a factor that greatly affects the smoothness of your face. If you maintain a healthy skin then it most likely will always be a smooth skin and vice versa.And this is what we've been waiting for, that is how smooth the skin with a quick and simple. more details on the review below

menghaluskan kulit wajah dengan cepat dan simpel

Some Ways Smooth Face 

The first is by using honey
It has become common knowledge if honey is very beneficial for our bodies, one of them to skin health. it is natural that many cosmetic manufacturers use honey as an ingredient for skin smoothing. Health benefits of honey and smoothness of the skin due possessed a very diverse amount of vitamin (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, D, K, E). Honey can be used to our skin in a way to rub it into the skin surface and let stand for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water, do it regularly.

The second with bananasThis method is the fastest way to smooth the skin. banana not only as food but also can be used as a face mask and efficacy has been proven by many people. banana mask can be made by boiling / steaming banana fruit 2-3. after destroying mature rough and apply on skin that feels rough. do any for a week you will feel the difference

The third one with a white chicken eggWhite chicken eggs efficacious to close the skin pores are large. chicken egg white mask can be used as a very simple manner that is split between the yolk and the egg white and then apply on the skin surface rough.