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Smooth and healthy skin is every woman's dream. But, what if your skin is dry, dull, and rough? of course it would make sense your confidence diminished. Dry skin can also reflect the state of health of your entire body being disturbed, it is because the skin is the human senses (touch) that wraps around the human body. So, to maintain healthy skin, we also have automatic safeguard the health of all our members.

Well, if the previous article we discussed about the facial skin tightening on this topic, we will discuss how to cope with dry skin. To obtain a smooth and healthy skin, the first step you should do is learn about some of the things that cause dry skin, dull and rough, for then you can take action how to overcome these problems. From some of the many things that exist, which could cause you know is as follows:

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How to overcome dry skin
 Causes of dry skin 
1. Temperature Weather conditions of cold or heat that suddenly becomes one of the factors of skin dryness. Itching is one of the symptoms experienced when the skin is dry, were in an air conditioned room with a long time is one simple example that can make the skin experiencing symptoms of dryness. Besides being in the air conditioned room that is too long, is under direct sunlight also makes the skin dry and dull.

2. Water and Steam Heat Before we know it, the use of hot water for showers reason our skin becomes dry. This happens because the water / steam can quickly dry out the natural oils found in our skin, the natural oils that makes your skin always moist and keep it from drying out. So, the longer you soak / bath using hot water, the faster you can dry out your skin.

3. Soaps One and not careful in choosing a soap. Some soap products in which there is a substance that can make our skin dry, like deodorant, Scrub, and soaps that contain too much detergent. In addition, the use of harsh soaps and scrub can also create layers of our skin rubbed, rough and improving drought.

4. Age As well as the ever-changing hormones for many years, we can not deny that as time goes by, the more we age our skin begins to grow and wrinkles. Wrinkles on our skin can lead to dry and dull skin.

After learning a few things that cause dry skin, it is time to discuss how to overcome them.

How to Cope with Dry Skin

  •     Stay away from rooms that are in use in the old AC.
  •     If you want to go out in hot weather, use a moisturizer first.
  •     Try lowering the temperature of the steam or water for bathing, and avoid using hot water soak.
  •     Bath regularly to avoid dust and pollution into the skin dryness factor.
  •     Use a mild soap and moisturizing, not too often a bath sponge / scrub that can swipe and make your skin dry.
  •     Get used to apply moisturizer after bathing.
  •     Drink enough water, avoid dehydration which affects dryness of the skin.
  •     Eating foods that contain sufficient vitamins to maintain health and skin moisture.

How to Take Care of Dry Skin

 1. The White Water Yes, like what I mentioned above that the effect of dull dry skin is a shortage of water intake in the body. Now, therefore multiply drinking water to increase the water intake in the body. White Water is also useful for content menteralisir toxins and debris buildup in our bodies. One of them also toxins and impurities that cause dry skin is dull.

2. Clean Body Regularly One of the causes of dry skin dull skin is also our lack of care, it will be a lot of dirt on our skin. Thus, to overcome the dull dry skin this time you need to regularly clean your body. Bathing regularly with herbal soap, do not use soaps that contain chemicals.3. Exercising Routine Exercise makes our body sweats, the sweat on our bodies now that they can push out impurities and toxins that are in our body skin. Therefore, try to exercise regularly. Cukp exercise 10-15 minutes every morning.

4. Lime Lemon juice useful for removing dead skin cells in our body, now you can use lemon juice to overcome the dull dry skin this time. Due to the use of lime dead skin cells that cause your skin to dry dull will be lost. Well, to know the benefits of lemon can also read your other posts: Benefits of Lime.

5. Wear Lotion or Moisture Lotion or moisturizer works to always provide moisture to the skin of our body. Use a moisturizer on your skin after every shower or before bed so your skin looks firmer.Well, as that review ways to overcome dry skin that we can say. Do not forget to share to social media if this information is useful.

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