Monday, June 9, 2014


How to Decrease Stomach - often times people get stuck on the wrong diet, including how to shrink them in a distended abdomen. Many women and men have problems with stomach distended. No wonder so many are looking for ways to shrink the stomach, either naturally or not. How to shrink belly fat can be done with gymnastics or sports, diet foods, and consuming a diet drug.

But naturally shrink the stomach is the most secure way. this time will discuss about effective ways to shrink belly fat.There are some tips on how to shrink belly fat naturally that it can be done quickly and traditionally. Having a protruding belly has become a serious problem for some people, especially those with activities such as work. There are many causes of distended stomach that you may not know, one that is too often eat fried foods. Because fried foods generally contain a lot of fat, and this causes the accumulation of fat in your belly.

Natural Recipes Shrinking StomachMaterial
  •     Orange juice 1 piece
  •     Eucalyptus oil as needed
  •     Little whiting

How Concocting Recipes

  •     Cut the lemon and squeeze the water
  •     Add eucalyptus oil are much the same amount of lemon juice
  •     Add a little whiting, stirring

Rules of Use

Smeared in the stomach and abdomen or waist and tie in order to tighten the corset use
Apply 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

 How to Decrease Stomach Naturally 

1. Begin eating fibrous foodsDistended stomach can be caused by your body's digestive process is less smooth, it's a way to overcome that is by eating fibrous food. You can eat vegetables, soy protein, egg, and also a variety of fruits that contain fiber.

2. Reduce consumption of fried foodsFried foods are one source of fat your stomach, so you should reduce or avoid these foods.

3. Drinking green tea and coffeeOne of the benefits of green tea can reduce the absorption of fat, so regular consumption of green tea could be the solution to shrink belly fat. Additionally green tea is also beneficial to help the circulation of glucose in your body. While coffee has benefits to increase the body's metabolic rate and is able to burn calories, this is due to the caffeine content in coffee. However, coffee consumption should be granted only, no need to overdo it because coffee also have negative effects if consumed in excess.

4. Reduce consumption of salt or sodiumConsuming large amounts of salty foods it can cause your stomach bloated, is because the salt can draw large amounts of water. So naturally salty food consumption alone, do not need to be excessive.

5. Reduce consumption of simple carbohydrates foodsSimple carbohydrates contained in foods such as rice, white bread, pasta, and so can be easily converted into fat. For that less of these foods, instead you can eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and so on. But remember, you just reduce it, does not mean to leave, because foods such as rice is also beneficial for our body.

Besides a few tips on how to shrink belly fat, you also need exercise to shrink the stomach. Here are some types of sports are quite effective in dealing with a distended abdomen.

  •     Jump rope
  •     Playing Hula Hoop
  •     Sit ups
  •     Walking or running
  •     Elliptical Trainer
  •     Bicycle
  •     Ball Crunch