Monday, June 2, 2014


Age has become one of the classic problems to maintain our beautiful and handsome appearance . The more age / age increases, the face will change , from the first clean up his strong start to arise wrinkles , dark spots and aging lines .

Well does not that make our skin smooth and tight again ? ? ? Sagging skin and starting to look sketchy lines and dark spots caused by the state of skin elasticity and suppleness . By why , for those of you who want to stay young , try to keep your skin elasticity .

The process of maintaining the elasticity is not as easy as we imagine , but for those of you who want to try to treat the face to be more healthy , youthful and stay beautiful in a natural way , we will try to provide a method and its application .

Are under way not only to treat , but can overcome the problem of premature aging that have already occurred . And here are some ways to cope with aging and stay young themselves .

How to combat premature aging

1 . Uses of honey and yogurt We all already know the benefits of these two materials , yes honey it is one of the ingredients for beauty treatments that are very popular and proven results. Honey can make the skin appear firmer, white , removes pimples and many others . as well as with yogurt .

As for the easy way and use , mix honey and yogurt with the same dose , mix well and turn into foam . Use this cream to smear your face evenly . Let stand for several minutes and rinse .

2 . Uses Papaya Fruit Papaya is famous for its antioxidants , carotene and Vitamin C content , these three ingredients well able to maintain skin elasticity , while the way and use was easy . You just need to make a mask of papaya ripe for evenly applied to the face .

3 . Uses Cucumber Fruit Facials with cucumber is already familiar , this is evidenced by the many beauty products are made ​​from cucumbers as for if you want to take advantage of cucumber for the treatment of premature aging and tackle you just have to smooth the taste of cucumber and rub with a cotton blend results to the face evenly . Do regular morning and evening .